Hello, my many readers out there!  Welcome to my new blog.  I’ve decided, thanks to a few friends, to move my blog here from myspace.  I haven’t written very many blogs in my lifetime, but I’ve been thinking about blogging regularly just to get a little discipline in my life.  I know I think about a lot of things, and sometimes I suppose it’s good to share.

 I’ll start off my blogging adventure by explaining the meaning of the name Redundancy.  There’s actually a very good reason I chose that name, and I’ll share that reason with you.  First of all, contrary to what you may believe, redundancy is not always a bad thing.  Maybe having someone tell you something multiple times can get a bit annoying, but if it’s important, I believe it can be essential to growth.

I know that in my own life, it takes a few times to get through to me.  I may “know” something already, but I may not have the experience and roots to back it up.  Sometimes, to really learn something, you need to repeat it.  As someone once told me, “practice makes permanent.”

This is the purpose of my blog: to remind you (and myself) of the things that are important in life: faith, hope and love.  Hopefully, if you’ve read the Bible, these thoughts I’ll be writing down will seem strangely familiar.  I’m going to try my best to write about relevant topics, because they’re important.  We may think we know it all already, but I’m sure we could all use a little more redundancy.  I’ll leave you with this verse:

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” -Hebrews 13:8


6 thoughts on “Redundancy.

  1. Roberto M

    Im so glad to see you decided to blog, i mean a couple of minutes ago i was about to contact you thorugh facebook about having a blog and there you have it…great title and explanation, i get it and think it will bless me as well as others. Look forward to reading your blog Joel, and will link it to mines..

  2. Liz Feyh

    Nice set up! I really like the colors! I love that you think you already have “many readers” that’s optimistic… Maybe one day you could have as many as I do (all 7 of them) I would like to offer my opinion on a bible verse to put in your blog. Joel 2:22 I chose this for two reasons. One it’s your name so you have to use at least one quote from your book, and two the story behind it is funny! Hopefully you will be as faithful as you plan to be, so when I am looking for something to do I will have something to do.

  3. Hey nice layout for the blog. That scripture from Hebrews is good! God is always faithful, unlike us. It’s so true! I’m glad you’re off myspace.

  4. Lexi

    Hi again Joel! I agree. It is easy to “know” something, but a very different thing to live as if you understand and believe it. Hope God keeps telling us all things repeatedly. Paul told the Philippians to rejoice a bunch of times-so at least you have a good model. Hope your LG goes well this week. later.

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