Here we go.  This was my last of the “six dreams”, so I’ll have to think about something else to write tomorrow.  This was definitely the hardest to understand of the six dreams.  I didn’t see the significance at first.  It really is cool, though.

I was hanging out with one of my friends, the bass player at my church.  We were in a concrete bunker, just talking to each other.  We were walking through the halls inside the bunker.  They were well-lit concrete hallways, really a very comfortable atmosphere.  The air was clean, and there wasn’t any sense of claustrophobia at all.  Then I opened a garage door-looking thing on the side of the wall, and we both stepped out into the sunlight and green grass and trees of the outdoors.  My friend was amazed, and declared Jesus as his Lord.  He got saved right then.

The reason this dream was a little weird at first is because I’m almost certain my friend is actually saved already.  So maybe he represents someone or something else, I don’t know.  I do appreciate the symbolism of the situation, and I think I understand those a little bit.  There are two settings: inside the bunker, and outside in the beautiful field.  I got to thinking about the situations that lost people are in.  To them, their life may be pretty cool.  It’s nice; they can walk around, do fun things.  They probably do not know how trapped they really are: until they see a glimpse of the outside, that is.  When they see a revelation of the truth, how great life can really be, the beauty of freedom, that’s when their eyes are opened.  When they see the wonders of God, the greatness of His new life offer for them, that’s when they can make a choice.

If a life of sin is all you know, it’s easy to be content.  You don’t even have a choice to trust in God or not if you don’t know He exists.  That’s where we Christians come in.  Christ’s commission was to make disciples.  I think I can sum that up in a few words: show people the Truth.  I opened the door of that bunker, but my friend had the choice whether to step out or not.  If people haven’t even heard the truth, then they have no choice.  If you just tell them they’re going to hell because they don’t live according to a set of rules in a book, how could they listen?  They’ll think you’re crazy, because all they see is judgement from you.  Share the truth in love.  Show them the difference between light and darkness.  Live a radical life of love.  If people can see the difference in your life, and know that what causes that difference is your relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ, then they will realize that they do have a choice.

If you live just like them, with the same entertainment, indulgence in sin, bad habits, how can they know the difference?  They won’t see God.  All they’ll see is a judgemental person who thinks he’s better than everyone else.  Friends, I urge you.  Live like Jesus.  Live righteously.  Live love, hope, encouragement, mercy, forgiveness, grace.  Live with joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.  Throw off the old man, the dead man.  Show the love of God through your life and actions.  Live different.  Eventually, I hope this can be a confession for all of us:

“I do not hide your righteousness in my heart;
       I speak of your faithfulness and salvation.
       I do not conceal your love and your truth
       from the great assembly.” -Psalm 40:10


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