Thinking Big

I was reminded today of something: I really don’t have very high expectations of myself.  I’ve said it many times to myself: “Whatever happens happens.”  On one hand, I believe it’s a good thing to be humble and take the bad with the good.  On the other, if I’m not expecting the good, how will I be ready to accept it?  I think I’ve struggled with this place of no expectations of God.  I’ve approached it like this: if God shows up, that’s great.  In fact, I’ve seen God show up in more ways in the last year than ever before.  Of course I thank Him for that, but I still don’t expect it.  It’s more like a surprise every time.  I think some of my awe of God needs to turn into faith in Him instead.  I need to be ready, to be prepared for Him to show up at any and every time.

I won’t grow as much as a Christian if I don’t prepare the way for God to move.  I need to stop doubting, stop being passive and start expecting great things.  I must take advantage of the time given to me.  I pray that God would make me into a man of truly great expectations.

“In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice;
       in the morning I lay my requests before you
       and wait in expectation.”
-Psalm 5:3


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