I just wanted to say today, I love Jesus! 
He really is the greatest.
For everything I’ve gone through, He’s been there.
He’s never let me down, not even once.
Even when I let myself down, He’s always there to lift me back up again.

The more I listen to God, the more joy I have.
The more I put my trust in God, the more peace I have.
The more I wait on God, the more patience I have.
The more I give my heart to God, the more love I have.
The more I follow God, the more kindness I have.

Who can compare to the greatness of my God?  No one.
What earthly passion is greater than His love?  Nothing.
Where can I ever go to escape His love?  Nowhere.
(Well, hell, I guess… but I’m not going there)
How can I grow?  By getting closer to Jesus.

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom;
       all who follow his precepts have good understanding.
       To him belongs eternal praise.”
-Psalm 111:10


One thought on “Praises!

  1. I don’t know Joel even in hell God would still be with you because he’s just that into to you!…of course i don’t believe that you will go to hell , but you know what i mean, lol

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