This morning at church in Pensacola, some of our pastoral team were believed to have experienced some demonic oppression.  I didn’t experience this first-hand, so I’ll just relate the story as it was told to me.

In the first service this morning, our associate pastor who is a pretty old guy started getting confused during his sermon.  He started getting flustered, losing his place and repeating himself.  He started pacing on stage for minutes without saying a thing.  It came to a point where our team of elders an pastors had to basically stop the service for a while and pray for him.  (At this same time according to him, our children’s pastor was also experiencing this same spirit of confusion)  After prayer, our pastor was able to finish the service strong.  I went to the second service, and it was great.  Our pastor did a great job bringing the word.  I didn’t see one hint of the confusion he had experienced just hours before.

I relate all this just to say, the devil is real.  He really attacks us, so we have to be ready to fight back.  We can fight back, and we must if we want to defeat the power of evil.  We can’t run away.  We must face demonic oppression head-on by the power of Jesus Christ.  Our weapon in the Word of God, so we must hide the Word in our hearts.  Memorizing scripture is a powerful tool in our fight against the devil, one that we must learn to use well.

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”
-James 4:7


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