We Need Each Other

Well, we made it to California.  I guess the Lord wasn’t done with me yet, so no airplane crashes.  We visited the Jelly Belly factory today, which was fun.  My youngest brother liked it the most, I think.  Free jelly beans are a good thing.


You know, in a factory, no one can do everything on their own.  Each person has a role to play for everything to be accomplished.  The same is true in a family.  I really believe I and the rest of my family would still be starving if it weren’t for my dad.  If it weren’t for my mom, we would probably still be in Pensacola.  This vacation definitely wouldn’t be much fun without my brothers.


In the body of Christ, we all have a role to play.  Pastor, intercessor, administrator, secretary, prophet, provider and money-maker, worship leader, musician, teacher: we all have something to contribute.  Each position may butt heads with another from time to time, but that’s to be expected.  We all have a slightly different outlook on life, a different personality, but our diversity is what makes us so great!  We are so different.  That’s amazing.  So many different people, uniting under the one purpose that is Christ: that should be the greatest testimony of all time!  Each one of us should give the greatest respect to our brothers and sisters in Christ, holding each other up as more important than ourselves.  That’s the definition of family.


“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.” -1 Corinthians 12:27


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