Morality of a Nation

It doesn’t take a genius to see that, as a whole, the fear of God in our nation is pretty low.  Even many who claim to believe in God don’t do what He says.  I’ve always believed that as the people’s hearts go, so does the direction of our law.  Consider what’s happened over the last few decades.  Prayer was taken out of schools, and abortion was legalized.  Fornication has been allowed for more than a hundred years.  Now we’re looking at the homosexual marriage issue and universal healthcare.

It seems strange to me that Christians complain so much about all these things.  I’d say that less than half of all American citizens are believers, and majority rules in a democracy, right?  It just makes sense that issues like this would be passed.  And anyway, even if we win all these political battles, I’m sure it will just infuriate half of the nation against us.  What then is the solution?  How do “we win”?  The answer is, we don’t.  God does.  Even though the Bible says that the “law” convicts people of their sin, is it talking about our national laws?  If our national laws are lenient, will the nation’s morality fall even deeper down the drain?  Well, not necessarily.  I believe the Bible is talking about God’s law.  For example, fornication has been legal in America for many years, but the Bible still convicts people of this sin every day.  The mere fact that it’s legal in the USA just means we can’t punish people with our laws.  God will still judge.

Here’s what I think.  Just restoring the outer shell, the law, the facade of godliness that our nation was built upon 240 years ago, will not change the heart of the nation.  Love will.  We as Christians have been falling back on the laws of America for too long.  We can’t rest on the fact that people will be doing right because the governments says so any more, because the laws aren’t there any more.  We have all sinned, and will continue to sin until God changes our hearts.

We have an opportunity in this day.  We can live out our salvation with fear and trembling, as living sacrifices to God; live out holiness and righteousness, not with boasting, but with humble hearts; live out the love, compassion, peace and joy of the Lord.  Or, we can sit back and let our nation die.  If you think about it, we’re in a better situation now than we were before, because just following good American laws wasn’t saving anyone.

This is our test: can we reach out to a dying generation?  That next woman at your workplace who is about to abort her child: will you volunteer to adopt it?  The next person you see who is sick and without medical insurance: will you rally your church to pay for the surgery?  Will you pick up that next hitchhiker, find a home for the next homeless guy?  Stop living for your own convenience, and live for others.  Shine like a light in this dark world.  God commands us to love.  Will we love, even if it means pain for us?  I hope so, because the love of Jesus is the only hope that this world has.

“For the commandments, “You shall not commit adultery, You shall not murder, You shall not steal, You shall not covet,” and any other commandment, are summed up in this word: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.””–Romans 13:9


2 thoughts on “Morality of a Nation

  1. I’m scared by loud things in the sky like thunder and fireworks. But I also know what causes the claps and rumbles during a storm and the snaps and booms of a fourth of July celebration. When I look into space I’m awed by its beauty and boundless depths. If there’s one thing I can’t comprehend it’s the concept of the universe going on forever. This is one gap in my knowledge that I’m not ready to insert a god into. But it does make me wonder.

    As for the Biblical God revealed to us through the ancient writings of the people living in modern day Israel/Palestine, I’m less inclined to believe their version of truth and morality. Truth and morality are constantly evolving concepts. Laws change. Rules change. People change. Perceptions change. Nations break apart. Religions become myths.

    Your post is teeming with flaws. You must read Joesph Addison’s Cato: A Tragedy before you assert that the founders of this nation set out to create a Christian theocracy. Does the basic idea of freedom of religion ring a bell? I would say you have been watching too much 700 Club.

    And as for fornication. It has always existed but probably less in societies where it is not tolerated. In those places it is only done in secret. Did you know that there were brothels all over the land in America during the 19th Century. It was only frowned upon by people who claimed to have an immaculate moral character. But chances are they probably visited the brothels too. Today legalized prostitution is limited to a few states and backstreet places that nobody would want to visit anyway for fear of catching a disease. If you are using fornication as a euphemism for pornography just think of all the good porn has done before you rally to banish it. It has reduced promiscuity, prostitution and rape by providing people (mostly men) an outlet for their sexual urges. Without porn we would have a much higher rate of pregnancies, diseases and hookers than we do now.

    I like how you say that Christians should be their brother’s keeper instead of always trying to force their ways upon others. But somehow I get the sense that you’re a Christian who has strayed too far from the rest of his flock when you say this. The Church started to slip once it gave up control to secular governments. It dominated for many centuries through the same force and domination that many crazy fundamentalists want to restore. These people want to go back to the days of burning “witches” at the stake, banning science and executing adulterers and homosexuals. Their craziness is defined by the fact that they actually believe the Church could get away with these kinds of draconian tactics in this day in age.

    Progress means moving towards freedom. Religion is a step backward because it requires a type of body and mind submission that is self-effacing. Besides that, however, it is easy for anybody who tries to see through the lies and manipulation of the Church and the flaws and contradictions of the Bible.

    By the way, morality doesn’t only come from the Bible. Having a sense of guilt and a concept of morality is an innately biological component we all possess as human beings.

  2. I think you have a point about the Christian “fundamentalists.” I believe that these kinds of people have missed the point of the Gospel entirely. Anyone who would rather punish a lost person than hang out with them is definitely not like Jesus.

    You’re right that morality doesn’t just come from the Bible. Even the Bible says that everyone is born with a conscience.

    I think you misunderstood me about the founding fathers. What I meant was, many of the original laws of this country were based on moral principals that are in the Bible, not that any sort of theocracy was trying to be made. Notice that, like I said, many of those laws aren’t around any more. My point was that I really don’t think restoring those laws will help anything. We(in the Church) must first care for others more than ourselves, not intellectually or theologically, but really.

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