Waves On a Sea of Molten Steel

Liquid Metal, ripples like a bay in a storm; the beauty of imperfection is that we have so great a journey to travel.

The Storm, the beating heart of God: the earth quakes at the very thought of His love, throbbing, shaking for peace.

The Heart, is it deeper than I have imagined?  Is Truth beneath the surface, or will the calm reflect back what’s been here all along.

Waiting, wanting, yearning for the meaning of all.  Should I wait for the storm to pass before I dive in?

Peace, for beyond, or in the midst of, the fire is the Kingdom that cannot be shaken.

Shadow, the glimpse of truth will be revealed, imperfection becomes the Perfect.

The Path before me is straight and narrow and REAL

“for our God is a consuming fire.” –Hebrews 12:29


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