The Difference

I just finished reading a book by C. S. Lewis called The Great Divorce.  It’s fiction, and highly allegorical like a lot of other books by him.  I highly recommend it.  Anyway, what I really got out of the book was that sin and God’s love are entirely opposite to each other.

The book starts out with a bunch of people taking a bus from hell up to heaven.  Once there, each one is met by a glorified person whom they had known on earth.  Each chapter of the book is basically a conversation between two people: the citizen of heaven, in love with God, and the citizen of hell making excuses for his own misery.  The ghosts from hell were content to believe lies and do what they wanted, even if it meant giving up a chance of eternal love.  Their sin defined them, gave them security.  On the other hand, the righteous ones were completely different.  God’s perfect love had removed all bitterness, self-consciousness, pride, lust, greed and the like.  They were shining examples of what we should be as Christians, full of real love, joy, peace and faith.

This book really encouraged me and gave me a greater grasp on the hope that we have in Christ.  It also served as a great reminder of just how much we need to reach this world with the love of God.  This world is dead and dying, and we have the answer.  And we sit around, distracting ourselves with the same worthless entertainment the world does?  There is a difference between truth and lies.  What will we believe?  What will we live for?

“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”–Matthew 5:10


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