Oil and the End Times?!?

Okay, so I was watching TBN today, and John Hagee was doing his show about Revelation and the end times.  I think the point of the whole thing was that we should war against Iran, Russia and other Islamic nations for oil so they won’t have enough money to destroy Israel.  To get to that point, he stated a few dozen big assumptions about the meaning of different passages in Revelation, then said stuff about how all the Christians will get raptured before this stuff even happens.

It was seriously the strangest sermon thing I’ve ever seen.  It was actually kind of dumb.  He was just trying to justify violence with the Bible.  I think he said something at the end like “Because of this situation, now we should pray even more for America, for our freedom.”  One thing you missed Pastor Hagee; we have our freedom in Christ, not America.  I wonder if it’s because of guys like this that people hate Christians…

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”–Galatians 5:1


One thought on “Oil and the End Times?!?

  1. Rick Metrick

    It seems that many of the things people refer to as the end times has to do with the period of time called Tribulation, following the Rapture. If you are interested in reading a book that focuses on the end times and Scripture as it relates to believers and the church, you may want to check out this sight http://www.theyawningchurch.com

    God Bless,

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