Do Not Love The World

I wonder sometimes, what kind of anointing the early apostles had?  How could they, mere fishermen-turned-students, end up transforming the world the way they did?  I think it was because, they believed.  They knew personally, intimately, the God whom they served.  The Holy Spirit dwelt within them.  They had a commission and a mission field: to make disciples of the entire world.

Funny thing is, we have all those same things.  So why don’t we have the same anointing?  There must be something more than these.  I think, maybe, it’s our character.  Has anyone ever heard of faithfulness or humility?  How about holiness and consecration?  Can we do the little things, or are our heads too full of extravagant dreams to realize we’ve never left the starting line?  Are we too proud to learn or to accept correction?  Are we in love with the world and the things of the world?  Can we say we belong to God when we are too busy pursuing pleasure to pray?  I’ll let you answer for yourself.

There is a strange extreme nature to the gospel.  His name is Jealous.  He will not share you with any other lover.  Love what He loves: Himself, yourself, other people, and the rest of His creation.  Hate what he hates: rebellion, pride, injustice, and all other forms of sin.  It’s a different way than what I’m seeing now.  And I’m not telling you to never watch TV again.  I’m just making an observation: if we really lived for Him, I don’t believe we’d  be watching much TV.

“And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.”–1 John 2:17


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