Love and Death

There is a connection between these two realities, love and death.  They are connected on a level deeper than I can now comprehend.  It is a Divine mystery, one which I fully intend to search out.  How much does God love me, and how much can I love God?  I believe the answer to both questions lies in the extent of our embrace of death.

I believe there are two different types of death which we must learn to embrace, if we seek perfect love: His death and mine.  His is most important, but mine is just as important.  For you see, He loved me first.  But if I don’t love Him back, our love is non-existent.

We look to the cross then, the epicenter of Divine Death and Love.  God loved us so much that He died.  That is one thing I have not yet comprehended fully. Regardless, it is something Jesus invites us to partake of.  We must eat of the body that was broken for us and drink of the blood that was spilled.  We must embrace His death if we hope to love Him.

Next comes our death.  I’m not talking about a physical death; we could physically sacrifice  ourselves and the act be completely meaningless(see 1 Corinthians 13:3).  No, what I speak of is entirely spiritual.  You see, there’s a thing called “self,” and it’s something we must get rid of if we want to follow Jesus.  Every selfish desire must be laid down: every sin or distraction or dream that hinders love needs to die.

Don’t worry.  It may seem scary or unfair at first, but the blessings of God are infinitely better than any of our own worldly pursuits.  You miss nothing when you choose to love, to lay down your life for the sake of God and others.  You receive the greatest gift of all: an amazing relationship with your creator.

“Precious in the sight of the LORD
is the death of his saints.”–Psalm 116:15


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