Parallel Parking

One thing I’d never done before I moved to DC is parallel park.  When I got here, I had to learn fast, because there are almost no parking lots or driveways in the city.  It’s not a bad thing, just very different.

There are many things in life we need to adapt to.  Think of it: if I relied only on my previous driving training, refusing to change and learn a new thing, I would be completely lost.  Even now, I would still be driving around the city, completely unsettled, never finding rest.

There’s one other thing to which I needed to change my approach: my relationship with God.  My lifestyle is completely different from what it was just three short months ago.  Gone are the days of sleeping on my friend’s floor, reading books all morning and spending all afternoon in the prayer room.  Now I have a job, a commute, a half-hour lunch break.  When I get home, I’m worn out and want to go to sleep.  Where does God fit in all this?  I’m finding out more and more each day.  It really is exciting finding new ways to seek after Him.  It’s difficult, and it’s worth it.

“Such is the generation of those who seek him, who seek the face of the God of Jacob.  Selah“—Psalm 24:6


2 thoughts on “Parallel Parking

  1. Jen

    So, so true. I think the rest of our lives will be about finding this balance. Every time I think I have the hang of it, things change and I have to find it again. Maybe it’s just me, though…

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