This Is My Home

It really is strange, moving to a new place.  Geographically, spiritually and relationally, everything is different now.  You see, I visited Tallahassee last week, and what I found was this: it is no longer my home.

I flew down for my friends’ wedding(which was incredible), and I got to see and talk with most of my good friends from the last four years(who are all amazingly lovely people).  I was blessed, for sure, to have that opportunity.  Finally, though, I had to face the reality: I just don’t belong there any more.  It’s unnerving, quickly growing distant from many old friends and very slowly developing new ones.  It leaves me in a kind of in-between place.

There is good news for me.  I know I was placed here in DC by God.  And since that is the case, I know He has a purpose in mind.  This is my home, because He is with me, and my heart belongs to Him.  Wherever He sends me I go, even if it’s hard for a while.  His love reigns and will reign forever in me; I am in good hands.

“His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.”—2 Peter 1:3


One thought on “This Is My Home

  1. grace kim

    I know what u mean my friend. Originally i was just gonna post: So how’s shackin with the Middleton’s eh? lol I hope u have a wonderful time up in DC!

    but then I read the first part of ur entry n then I eventually read the whole thing. Joel, ur one gifted writer 🙂 I remember going back to Tally for the first time after I graduated n man what a wake up call: it’s not my home anymore. Ah the memories~

    Anyway, I’m sure everything’s gonna be great like u said in ur entry 🙂 Have a merry thinksgiving, happy Christmas, n a wonderful new year….yea i mixed that up.

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