Precious Time

Having a full-time job is great.  It really is.  I experienced one of the most amazing and joyful feelings when I realized that I was making real hard-earned money, money that I could give away to those who really need it.  Discovering new ways to be generous is a true blessing to me.

Unfortunately, distractions come.  Time is short.  There is so much good I can accomplish in the world, so many people needing God.  What do I do?  Sleep?  Read?  Play games?

I just bought a PS3 last Friday.  It’s fun and entertaining for sure, but so worthless.  If I’ve learned one thing from that PS3 so far, it’s that I need God.  Absolutely nothing in this world will ever satisfy this hunger deep down in my soul.  I want to see His kingdom come to this Earth.  I want to know Him intimately.  That takes time.  With this job, I have little of it to spare.

Lord, burn away everything that hinders love.  Let me need You more.

“His mouth is most sweet, and he is altogether desirable.  This is my beloved and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.”—Song 5:16


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