What does God want to tell us?  Something amazing, I believe.  He wants us to know Him; He loves us so deeply.

It takes a lot of humility to ask God for secrets.  For you must admit that there are some things you can never find out on your own.  There is knowledge you can never discover in your own human strength.  Pride would say, “Look to man’s science.  Look to man’s recorded history.  Everything you need to know about humanity and the universe is found therein.”  It’s just not true.  Yes, there is a lot to learn about the world through our God-given senses and powers of observation.  But human perception is easily skewed and twisted into anything the devils want to show us.

What, then, is reality?  How do we know real truth?  I believe we should ask the One Who is Truth.  Our God is omniscient.  That means He knows everything.  Who better to ask than Him?

Of course, we also have to listen.  Sometimes we run our mouth in prayer not really expecting an answer.  I’ve been guilty of that at times.  Jesus wants to show us things, to tell us His secrets, to lead us on in the light.  And we get distracted.  When we push through the fog, seeking the dawn, taking up our crosses, casting away all that hinders, we will find Him.  He promised that He’d be there.  He’s standing at the door of our hearts, knocking.  We have to let Him in.  He’s like a friend, whispering in your ear, “Listen to this!”  We have the opportunity and the responsibility to obey.

“Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come.”–Jeremiah 33:3


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