The Power of the Spirit

An interesting philosophy I’ve been noticing lately is this doctrine of human weakness.  IHOP tends to teach it a good lot.  It’s certainly true; humans are weak, especially in comparison to God.  He loves us in our weakness, that’s for sure.  Otherwise, we’d have no hope at all.  We also should continue to rejoice in our weakness, because no matter how strong we feel, He is still worthy of praise.  And He’s promised to sustain us in our weakest moments.  Here’s my question: should we stay that way?

Personally, I’ve sometimes used my own weakness as an excuse for my own weakness.  Although, I really can’t use the phrase “I am weak” to justify disobedience to the Holy God.  Disobedience is still sin.  The only justification I can claim is through the blood of Christ.  His grace is the only reason I can continue to live.

We know that the apostle Paul “boasted in his weaknesses.”  But he wasn’t bragging on his own sinful state and the forgiveness God still offered him.  God’s forgiveness is amazing, but that’s not what Paul was boasting about.  He was forever exalting the exorbitant power of the Holy Spirit of God.

We may be weak, but the Spirit is strong.  That’s what matters.  With the Holy Spirit’s power, we overcome sin, not wallow in it.  Yes, we are weak, but until we see the Spirit’s power manifest through us in perseverance, hope, joy, holiness or miracles, we have no right to boast about that weakness.  In that situation, we must repent.  The Holy Spirit comes to those who ask for Him, so if we have not the Spirit, it means we have not asked and persevered in asking.  We have not desired God as we should.

If we have believed, it means that God has made us holy and righteous, priests and kings, co-heirs with Christ, seated in heavenly places.  It doesn’t matter how weak we are, because His grace is sufficient for us.  He is our Rock and strong tower.  We will prevail in His power.

“The way of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn,
which shines ever brighter until the full light of day.”–Proverbs 4:18


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