The Man With a Burning Heart

There once was a man with a burning heart;
It’s strange, to have a heart exposed like that,
All full of passion and desire for all to see.
And yet, that’s the way it was.  I’m glad of it.

One day, he decided to knock on my door.
I wasn’t exactly responsive right away;
I had been sleeping, you know,
But he wouldn’t stop knocking.

The first things I noticed were his eyes.
They were beautiful, crystalline,
Deep, like I could see into his soul.
I realized that instead, he was staring into mine.

Then my eyes drifted to the heart,
Exposed, burning with the flame of love.
Dangerously, it waxed ever so brighter.
And as the man stepped one step closer, a spark!

The space between us must have been flammable,
Because that spark created an arc of flame,
Stretching across the void, one heart to another.
I was consumed, and it really hurt.

Then he stooped down, eye level with the
Pile of ashes that used to be me.
With a gentle and mighty wind, he blew them all away.
Poof!  Like a cloud they dispersed into the cold air.

There the remnant remained.
It was nothing less than a dazzling diamond.
Ha.  I never knew I had that kind of thing in me!
I never would have known I was that beautiful, if not for the fire.

The most amazing part is, he’s not done with me yet;
Now my heart burns like his.
My face is shiny, too!
On what doors shall I knock?

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” –Revelation 3:20


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