Why Is This Lattice Here?

The fragrance of Desire surrounds me
Like the wide salt ocean.
I’m eleven feet under,
Submersed in the majestic,
Peering down into the
Glimmering terror of love.
I swim with giants.

Like vines on a garden lattice,
My soul winds toward my love.
Why do I grow so slowly,
One green cell at a time,
Limbs weak and brittle,
Carrying a will so bold.
Moments seem like eternities.

Cold, steel bars restrain me,
But still my hand reaches for yours.
What excuse for violence,
Enduring the beating,
Electricity shocking my teeth,
Mind spinning and voice shaking.
The slightest touch means the world.

“…Arise, my love, my beautiful one, and come away.”–Song of Songs 2:10


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