Let’s face it.  Life is kind of crazy.  In today’s world, it’s so easy to fill up time with all sorts of nonsense.  Even when we think we’re “taking a break” sometimes, all we’re really doing is half-stimulating some brain cells with mindless entertainment.

Busyness is often the same exact error as complete idleness.  The root of both is distraction, a loss of focus on what is most important.  We just fill our minds with nothing, and we go on living like we’re having fun.  Whatever it be, TV, games, wandering the internet, we say to ourselves, “Maybe this next entertainment will finally give me some rest.”  But it never happens.  It’s because those things were not designed for that purpose.

The only rest to be found is not in jobs, accomplishments, entertainments or human relationships.  True rest is found in the heart of the Father God.  We set our eyes to the hills.  The wild heart of the loving Father is what we need.  He gives us rest as a wonderful gift.

Rest doesn’t come with filling up our time with just a little bit more prayer or Bible-reading or church service attending.  Those things can be just another form of busyness.  It comes when two hearts connect.  When we sprint into the strong tower that is the Name of the Lord, we are safe.  We get to lay down our own strength and pride and learn to lean on the everlasting arms.

Our right place is the center of His heart.  May we not be found elsewhere.

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”–Luke 12:34


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