God gives more blessings to us.  How overwhelmingly great it is to know that He does not leave us as we are!  He causes us to grow in Him, never forsaking His promises.  We rejoice, because He is forever faithful.

Growth doesn’t just happen linearly, but exponentially!  Just one good seed planted in the ground will produce hundreds, thousands or even millions more.  Think about what we will look like in a few generations.  A few rounds of sowing, of giving ourselves away for the sake of love, will multiply back upon us a greater harvest than we can now imagine.

We don’t hold back our love, for every act made in faith produces eternal results.  We delight in the fact that we can and will be closer to our Father God than ever before.  As we stare at Him with our eyes and hearts completely open, we will change to be more like Him.   We will bloom into radiant beings, shining for all the world to see.

Little children, let us behold our good God!

“May grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.”
–2 Peter 1:2


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