Work Hard

A Christian, when walking in the Spirit, is blessed with an excellent work ethic.  It’s a good and perfect gift for those of us who look to God for our salvation.  Although, it’s easy to fall into monotony, then frustration, then despair.  When the daily grind starts to get to our souls, our God-given work ethic starts to seem less appealing.  That’s when we need to fight for it.

You see, I used to be a pessimist.  I didn’t see any glorious future for me, and I would curse myself with phrases like, “I suck at life.”  At least, when something good happened to me, it would be an unexpected joy.  It was even thrilling at times, but I’d locked myself in a cage.  Eventually, I realized that God is a whole lot better than what I thought.  His Kingdom is very real and active in and around me.  The true revelation of His goodness broke off all kinds of weight from my mind.

Lately, I been realizing that I need even greater revelation.  I need to know, not just who He is, but who I am.  When my life gets long and tiring, I must be reminded that He is living in me, and I am His friend!  He doesn’t just help me in my weakness; He takes me to places I could never go without Him!  Faith makes dreams a reality.

Why would we ever give up when we know that the Creator of the Universe is on our side?  In fact, we can never fail at life when we believe.  Every day becomes an exciting adventure when we do it with God.  In the midst of the painful trials of life, we have complete and total joy.  Let’s get up, set our feet to the path and rejoice!  It’s going to be an amazing life.

“Work hard to enter the narrow door to God’s Kingdom, for many will try to enter but will fail.”–Luke 13:24


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