Jesus said, “It is finished.”  Sin has been defeated.  The fall has been corrected.  Why, then, do we continue to deal with sin’s effects?

Picture this: on the only highway to the capital city, two semi trucks flip over, completely blocking the way.  There’s fire, explosions and carnage everywhere!  Everyone who’s coming after them has to stop, or risk their own destruction.  The traffic jam begins, and every vehicle following those trucks is cursed with an indefinite delay.  Not even one can reach its destination.  Traffic backs up for hundreds upon thousands of miles, and everyone is sick of the sounds of idling engines, blaring horns and a certain amount of cursing.

Then something amazing happens.  The way is cleared completely.  Some people begin to see, but most don’t believe it.  Even the ones in the front deny it.  “Don’t you know?” they say.  “We’re stuck!  There was a major accident, you know, with fire and everything!”  They fail to see the one lane steadily moving towards the horizon.  From the back of the pack, it’s still slow going most of the time.  Some cars are abandoned, their drivers long since venturing into dark woods in search of another way around.  But the ones who know, who have their smart phones running the right app, are making it.

There are sounds of joy and celebration coming from over there.  A Message is shouted.  Can it be true?  Can our troubles finally be over?  In fact, they are.  We move forward with joyful expectation, armed with the truth that what was blocking our way has been completely removed.  It may be a hard road ahead, but we are entirely confident that nothing can ever keep us from our Destiny again.

“There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.”–Romans 8:1-2


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