Outrageous Hope

Jesus is my source of hope.  From the outset, in believing that one truth, I am set apart from the world.  My eyes are set on His face, and my heart moves with His heart.  Every lesser dream must align with the one.  Not to say that we throw away specifics; a great business, a happy family and delicious food on the table are good things.  They are perfect desires, as long as they are subject to the one.  In fact, I will dream even greater dreams than anyone in the world could ever dream: impossible dreams.  For the Jesus I know does impossible things.

Who in the world has the hope of eternal life?  It’s not just any life.  It is full of glory, the ecstasy of delight, the wealth of the King.  Who in this world can claim such mercy and grace?  My God will demolish demonic strongholds to make room for righteousness.  There’s no other way.  It’s been planned out, and I am a part of it!  In every way, the amazing exploits I do are components of His grand Kingdom scheme.

Hope is contagious.  The truth is, this world doesn’t have to be lost.  There is more than enough hope for every creature.  My God is the God of eternal restoration.  He creates things new again.  When that word is broadcast, who knows what will happen!  I’m expecting so much good, because Jesus is perfectly good.  He is only righteous.

Evil will soon be gone, my friends: poverty, famine, disease–everything that sin produces.  We are free.  We’ve tasted life.  It’s never going to stop as long as our hope remains.  It always will.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”–Romans 15:13


One thought on “Outrageous Hope

  1. wrappedinhisaffection

    Love your thoughts here…such confidence in Him! Thoughtful, reflective and well articulated writing! Glad to know about your blog too 🙂

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