Oil and Fire

While praying at the court a couple weeks ago, I had a vision.  In it, I saw several angels lowering down a giant pink water balloon from Heaven.  It was slightly wider than the distance between the two flag poles.  When it was lowered down from the sky, the edges of the balloon touched the eagles on the tops of the poles, popping the balloon.  Inside the balloon was not water, but glistening oil, pure and untarnished.  It completely soaked the court building, filling every crevice, saturating the stone.  Then, like long wispy tufts of light, streaks of fire began to rain down.  Slowly but brilliantly, the oil caught fire.  Fire was also coming from the bodies of us who were praying, and a kind of reverse fire waterfall was created as the oil dripping down the steps was lit up from the base.  The fire didn’t burn high and scorching, but it remained, everything lit with the continually burning flame.

Here is the revelation I received from the picture: oil is the key to sustained revival.  The oil represents intimacy and relationship with God.  Oil is a gift from God that we can bring into every situation.  We have received it.  We are the ones who have treasured it, and we have the authority to expose it to the atmosphere around us.

People talk about being “on fire for God.”  But what happens when we burn out?  Oil, intimacy, is what keeps us burning.  In the place of prayer, worship and encounter, sometimes we can literally reach up and catch the fire of God.  But how do we carry that fire into the dark?  We must light our oil lamps and carry the light of God into those places.  That fire will shine brightly, and if the oil keeps pouring in, the fire will burn for eternity.

“Command the people of Israel to bring you pure oil from beaten olives for the lamp, that a light may be kept burning regularly.”–Leviticus 24:2


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