God Is Not…

God is not a moral code or a set of rules. He definitely has rules and laws that He’s given to us, but they are not Him. He is the Way and the Truth, and His beautiful boundaries and limits are unmatched in all the universe. His ways are meant to be followed, from the core of our being unto eternity, but they are not Him. We cannot “figure God out” with a mathematical formula or a rule book. He is not an equation or a game, a number, symbol or shape.

God is also not an experiential emotional high. When we seek Him, we are not looking for an intense feeling. We may experience feelings when we are aware of Him, but He Himself is not the feeling. He cannot be controlled or drummed up. Guitar riffs and electronic beats do not create any part of God, because He’s already whole. He was there before the feeling, and He’ll be there forever after. Emotion exists because He was the one who set everything in motion.

God is a person with whom we can have a relationship. The “rules” are part of that relationship. God has things that He likes and things that He doesn’t. He has an original perfect design for His creation. As we get to know Him, we understand what those things are. As we get to know Him, He reveals His mysteries to us. As our heart draws close to His heart in love, these things become valuable to us, because they are important to Him. His ways are only good, and I hope that we all can follow them perfectly.

The emotions are experienced within and because of our relationship with God.  As in any good relationship, we feel good when we are close to Him, when we feel His acceptance. Because our relationship with God is the most important relationship in existence, it stands to reason that we should feel the deepest and most intense emotions when we communicate with Him. When He talks to us, hangs out with us and shows us His goodness, I hope that we are all overwhelmed by the Nature and Beauty of the God we love.

“This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, declares the Lord: I will put my laws on their hearts, and write them on their minds,”–Hebrews 10:16


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