Sensitive Doer? Sounds about right…

the sensitive doer

I took this personality test thing today, so if you ever wanted to know a little more about my personality, here’s your chance!  I read it over, and it seems pretty accurate to me.  Thanks to Jen for the link.


April Fools

 Well, this has been one memorable April Fools Day, thanks to three of my friends.  I woke up early today to go to a prayer meeting on campus, and while I was praying in devotion to the Lord, these so-called “friends” were vandalizing my car and two others.  Here’s a picture I took later (that’s my brother in the background):

Station Wagon

They wrote “I’m so Sexy” on the driver’s side, “kiss kiss” with some hearts on the passenger side, and “Call Me” with my phone number in the rear window.  The best message was the one on the windshield, though.  It said “Your future man” across the top, and had an arrow pointing to the driver’s side.  All in all, I think the prank was super hilarious!  But you have no idea how awkward it was for me to drive back through campus with that all over my car…

On a slightly heavier note, I think I need to apologize for myself and a couple others.  We tried to guess who it was that had done these atrocities, and ended up blaming some good people who didn’t have anything to do with it.  I apologize for that.

Anyway, it was an altogether fun experience for me (although extremely awkward), so I’d like to thank my three sisters Borah, Grace and Lauren for giving the “Shaggin’ Wagon” it’s day of glory.  Here’s a verse:

“Do not accuse a man for no reason– when he has done you no harm.” -Proverbs 3:30