Women Are Not Incubators

I’ve been reading a few pro-choice blogs lately, and that phrase, “women are not incubators,” really struck me when I read it.  I think that phrase really sums up the feeling of pro-choice women as to the perceived attitude of the anti-abortion side toward them: that they care more for the fetus than they do for the woman herself.

Is this true?  I’m sure most pro-life activists would deny the charge, but what do their actions say?  Do they truly love their enemies as Jesus commanded them?

Yesterday, I read a comment on a story that really saddened me.  A pro-choice commentator was sickened by the story of a man who had offered to adopt a young woman’s baby if she would carry it to term.  When the woman chose to abort, the man ended up having to go to grief counseling because he had loved that child as if it were his own.

That’s where the “incubator” thing came in.  For me, my heart breaks for every person involved in that evil situation, but for the commentator, she could only focus on the lack of respect the man showed the woman herself.  How dare he treat her only like an incubator of his adopt-o-spawn?  Didn’t he know that she was a woman, a real human being with rights to make choices?

I’ve prayed about this issue.  I’ve meditated on it.  I’ve wondered, what would the field look like if we as pro-life people really loved the women dealing with the abortion issue?  I know we do love them, to an extent.  There are myriad Crisis Pregnancy Centers around the nation that exist for this very reason, not to coerce or brainwash, but to love.

Here’s my question: how far will we Christians go to love?  Jesus told us to “love one another as I have loved you.”  That’s a whole lot.  Seriously, I can barely start to imagine how deeply God loves us.  So how deeply should we love?  Crazy thought: would someone marry a single woman to save both her and child?  Give their entire earthly life to truly love a woman with her heart set on murder?  Maybe not marry, but still give his whole paycheck for the rest of his life to save not one, but two.

Women are not incubators.  They’re mothers, human beings designed and loved by our Father God.  We should, by the Holy Spirit, treat them as such.

“Treat older women as you would your mother, and treat younger women with all purity as you would your own sisters.”–1 Timothy 5:2


4 thoughts on “Women Are Not Incubators


    Women are Moms. I salute them as such.

  2. I love them dearly, but I have absolutely no respect or pity for a woman who relegates the miracle of carrying a new life to that of a mechanical incubator. How invidious, how utterly and completely selfish to take someone’s attempt to save another life as an insult and a debasing reduction of their personage. I believe this is a microcosm of the depravity and descent of western thought, humanism at its finest – that a woman considers herself above others to the extent that she will terminate the possibility of another’s life upon this earth (even her own flesh and blood at that!). is this really that big of a deal? yeah, this is cosmic. this is infuriating.

    • Thanks, Jared. You’re right. I pray that God would put this same conviction in all of us.

      However, God died for them as well as us. It is our sacred honor to love them to the very end.

  3. Jared,
    I think your confusion over the abortion issue is shared by millions. If you have doubts about which argument is really the better moral choice, I would suggest that you read a contemporary little e-novel entitled “The Lincoln Conversations.” It was written by a good friend of mine L. Paul Brehm. He has the moral issue covered from all angles in a very engaging little e-book, which you can pick up on amazon and download onto your pc if you don’t have a Kindle. If you have a free hour or two to read it, it will be well worth your while. As Lincoln himself would have asked – if abortion is not wrong, what is?

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